The first steps are sometimes the hardest, doubt can slip up our footing and make us question our desire to walk forward. Questions can make us pause and if we allow them, they can deter us from even trying to answer them.
It takes courage to move forward, it takes experience to know when to move back, it takes inspiration to move to one side or the other.
The forest is my home, it is where I am most at ease and where I am most comfortable. The forest provides all that I need while it remains and so I wander its paths, both the often and seldom tread, to experience the secrets and the teachings it offers.
In and around the forest are other places. There are mountains, lakes, rivers, grasslands, deserts, oceans, and tundra. Some are familiar to me from my travels but others are less so. I love and respect these places, but they are not my home. My responsibilities are tied to the forest. The forest is tied to the other places and therefore so am I, but there are others who make their home in those places and so rather than carry their responsibilities, I share what I can and hope they do the same.
There are many ways into the forest, and many ways out of it. There are endless ways to navigate it. I seek to navigate it in ways that allow it to be what it is, alive and ever growing, this is my responsibility and that which I will share with my kin.
All are welcome in this forest, there is room for all. It will give you all that you need so long as you love it and respect it, however, if you take more than what you need the forest will not last and neither will you, me or any of us.

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