There is no land
Which is mine
The land I was born to
Is the home of others
My parents were those
Of pale skinned cultures
Who came from the islands
Of Northern Europe
Scotland, Ireland, England
People who were colonized
And who colonized
Time and time again
I’ve been to the lands
Of my ancestors
But they are not my lands

This land that I live on
Receives my love
And all that comes with it
It has given me everything
That I am now
But it is not my land

My ancestors
Whether direct or indirect
Claimed this land as their own
But it was not their land
To claim
They used their technologies
And their philosophies
And their racism
To confiscate and take ownership
Of that which was sacred
To the peoples
Of this land
They drew an invisible fence
Around a great weaving of nations
And called it Canada
When I was born
A man wrote a song that claimed
This land was made for you and me
But this is not my land

Now here I am
Still on this land
I have friends on this land
I have friends from this land
My whole life is owed
To this land
So I should acknowledge this land
And its peoples
I feel that I must
For this is not my land

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