I was born and educated in the Northwest Territories and am presently living and working in my home territory. My professional experiences and interests are in the field of Visual Arts and also Media Arts and Digital Technologies, both of which I have had experience teaching to high-school students during my University Practicums and also as a working artist prior to starting my BEd. I see the arts as being an integral part of NWT culture and one that both the citizens and leaders of the NWT deeply value. It would certainly be an honour and a privilege to do what I can to inspire Northern youth to pursue and practice the arts.

I hold a bachelor of fine arts degree from the Alberta College of Art and Design and am presently a teacher candidate for the bachelor of education program at the University of British Columbia.

For the last five years I have taught students of all ages Karate for the non-profit Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation and continue to do so. I also volunteer for Yellowknife Ground Search and Rescue and the Yellowknife SPCA which help me to develop my love and interest of outdoor experiences and caring for animals. I would love to integrate some of my volunteer interests into valuable extra-curricular activities for students.

Along with teaching art, I continue to work on art projects and provide work to shows and exhibitions as a practising artist. Just as I would like to encourage my students to show their work publicly, I think it’s important for me to do so as well and so do what I can to continue showcasing my art to various audiences.

I love working with young people, I love art, and I love my home territory.

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