I have been teaching students artistic pursuits for over 10 years through both visual and martial arts and with my Bachelor of Education now in hand, I am ready to make the move to teaching in the public-school system. Whether in a classroom or after school program, I believe that a good teacher is one who guides students to their own places of discovery, wonder, skill development and innovation all through the reciprocity of respect and collective learning. As an educator, I seek to build respectful and reciprocal relationships between myself and others, whether they be students or colleagues, and to encourage the development of similar relationships between others. If I could teach a student only one thing, it would be how to create, foster and maintain a healthy relationship with another, be that other a person, animal or subject matter, for I see healthy relationships that are respectful and reciprocal as being the foundation of learning both for ones’ self and for one’s community.
As a teacher, I draw from my experiences living in both large city centres and also very small and remote communities. Everywhere I go I strive to make meaningful connections to the people and the lands that I encounter as each new place offers the opportunity for furthering my own education and understanding of the world I live in. The more connections that I make, the more I can contribute to the communities I visit and live in. As human beings, the quality of the relationships we build between each-other and the land we live on are fundamental to our individual and communal development, happiness, and overall quality of life and well-being. I want to offer my students, whoever they may be, the opportunity to see themselves as members of a greater community where through their relationships to each-other they will find a life-time of learning and prosperity.

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